Tekno Steam Belt Cleaner

Belt Cleaning System

Reduce Cleaning Costs
Speed-up Cleaning Tasks
Clean in Dry Environments
Speed-up Product Change-over
Portable belt cleaner for use in multiple locations
Fully integrated systems are available, build into the product line
Belt sanitation units outperform other belt washing systems in the market
Reduce chemical & disinfectant usage through dry steam technology
Reduce effluent discharge

High efficient cleaning with a temperature of 165 °C and a pressure of 6 bar saturated dry steam produced thanks to a new boiler project. The large range of accessories allows a practical and easy use of the machine in different applications.

Steam is applied directly onto the belt surface. On impact with the conveyor belt, dry steam easily removes biofilm and product residue. Therefore all product residue and condensation is contained. Debris is removed by the integrated vacuum chamber, which leaves a dry and clean surface. Vacuum chamber is separated by squeegee ensuring that steam hits the belt first and liquidises product. After the cleaning process belt will be allergen-free and sanitised.

Download Tekno Steam Technical Data

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